Climate Launch

Gain the knowledge and confidence to build your climate tech startup

Applications are open now

Climate Launch

Gain the knowledge and confidence to build your climate tech startup

Applications open soon

Why Launch ?

To rapidly validate your climate tech solution using our established program for early market validation and refining your pitch

We have developed Launch over 5 years as a program to support early-stage (mostly pre-revenue) climate tech startups to validate their technology-product with customers.

The program provides selected founders with a robust framework for:

  • Developing their their first pitch-deck
  • Refining their customer value-proposition and business model
  • Testing the market.

This is invaluable for startups that need early and quick signals on whether they are going down the right road.

Speed, peer-support and iterative feedback

Intensive bootcamp to better define your deal, customer value proposition and understand your market

A mock-pitch session to test your first pitch-deck!

Framework for first-validation of your product with
real customers

Coaching by our global trainers and technical experts on key
aspects of building a climate tech business

Peer-learning and collaboration with the largest climate entrepreneurs community in the region

A chance to be part of the Launch Finals, and pitch in front of industry experts


Ready to enter the market?

If you have a MVP (minimum viable product) in place and are ready to take your startup ahead, we want to hear from you. We welcome startups from all backgrounds, whether you are a solo founder or a team with a shared vision. Let’s work together to build a better future, one startup at a time!

Applications closing date – 06 November 2023

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No, the Climate Accelerator program does not charge any fees or require any payment from selected participants. However, participants are expected to have access to a reliable internet connection and a laptop to attend virtual sessions.
No, you do not require to give up any equity to participate in the Climate Accelerator program.
The length of the Climate Accelerator varies depending on the specific program. The Climate Launch program usually spans over 3 months.
The Climate Accelerator (tCA) is a program for early-stage startups focused on developing climate solutions. Teams of entrepreneurs who started their venture after 2016 — regardless of whether they are incorporated or not — are eligible to apply for Climate Launch.
For Climate Ready (for women and students), the additional condition is that the venture must be led by either women founders or student founders.
The criteria for selection in the Climate Accelerator program includes: Team strength, expertise and experiences, Idea (innovation) , traction achieved, fitness for the program.
Our pre-accelerator, Climate Ready, are specifically tailored to support student-entrepreneurs and women-led startups.
Our two-stage accelerators, Climate Launch and Climate Runway are designed to help startups validate their market fit, and strengthen their go-to-market strategies and their access to funds.
To determine which program is best suited for your startup, we recommend reviewing the eligibility criteria for each program, along with what each program offers. Alternatively, you can try out our chat feature to determine which program is best for you.
Climate Collective Foundation (CCF) is an India-based non-profit that empowers entrepreneurs focused on climate change and circular economy throughout the Global South. Its goal is to build and strengthen local climate startup ecosystems by bridging the gap between the development and private sectors. CCF is an ecosystem enabler and is the knowledge partner for the Climate Accelerator with PR Clean Energy Pvt. Ltd.
The Climate Accelerator (tCA) is an integrated set of accelerator programmes dedicated to helping early-stage climate tech startups from the Global South enter the market, grow, and succeed.
It is a multi-stage integrated accelerator programme that has emerged from our leading accelerator programmes that we have been running since 2017 in the climate tech space. tCA has three programmes:
(a) Climate Ready is a pre-accelerator for women and students (for South Asia only).
(b) Climate Launch is the accelerator programme (for South Asia and the Gulf region).
(c) Climate Runway is an advanced stage of the accelerator programme.
We have since accelerated 862 startups that have raised over $160 million.
Climate Launch is the acceleration stage of the Climate Accelerator program. It is designed to help early-stage climate tech startups validate market fit and strengthen their go-to-market strategies. Through this stage, startups will have access to mentors, training, grant opportunities and networking to help them grow and scale their businesses. The program will help startups identify their target customers, define their value proposition, and refine their business model. The duration of the program is typically between three and four months.
Currently, the Climate Launch is accepting applications from only one of these 12 countries: (2 regions : South Asia and the Gulf)
South Asia: Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka
Gulf: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates for the year 2023.
However, we plan to accept applications from Global South next year. Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media channels.   
Before starting the application, make sure your startup is working on a climate solution, and your team is committed to participating in the program. You should also ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria, including having a minimum viable product, and a team with complementary skillsets. Lastly, you should be prepared to commit the necessary time and effort to participate in the program and achieve the program's goals.
Yes, you can apply if you are a registered startup in one of the eligible countries. However, please note that session timings will be scheduled as per Indian Standard Time (IST), and all sessions will be held virtually. Attendance at sessions is required; if you can work out the time differences, you can be a part of the program.
The primary language used in the program is English. It is expected that participants have a basic level of proficiency in the language.
The program is delivered online, with weekly virtual sessions and events.
Please try our chat feature for more details, or write to us directly at

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